Cookie Policy

On this web site will be used technical cookies (for the optimization of the web site and to improve the navigation of the user) and profiling cookies (for commercial and promotional purposes through custom advertising banner); therefore the permission for the data collection concerning the user (for the profiling cookies) will be required.


Also third parties can collect information from our web sites through their cookies.

These third-parties collect the data directly from your web browser and the relative treatment it’s subject only to their privacy policy.


We use cookies and pixel tags to supervise the use of the web site by the our users and to understand their preferences (about us the choice of the country and the language…).

This allows us to provide our customers with the services they require and optimize their online experience. We also use cookies and pixel tags to get aggregated traffic and interactions data on our Sites, to identify usage trends and obtain statistical information that is useful for improving our Sites.

The user has the ability to remove cookies from the Site at any time by activating the settings or accessing them on the browser.

Failure to provide personal data will result in the user being unable to surf the site in the case of technical cookies, and the inability to receive promotional and commercial information in the event of profiling cookies.