How much autonomy do the e-bikes have?

The e-bikes’ autonomy varies depending on the model: 80km the“Allroad”, 100 km the “XCR+”, 125 km the “Rushmore”. The charging time goes from 4 to 6 hours depending on the model.

What accessories are provided upon delivery of the e-bike?

Upon delivery of the e-bike are going to be provided the key with its lock and the helmet.
With additional price you can have accessories such as bluetooth helmets, GoPro…

What happens if the bike get damaged by the end of the tour?

Both the client and Rideook, at the moment of the delivery of the e-bike, will verify if the bike works. After the delivery of the bike, the client will acknowledge the bike as mechanically efficient and declare to have it previously checked. Since that, the client will be committed to the payment for possible damages and total or partial thefts that will be spotted at the moment of the return of the bike.

How many people are accepted in a tour?

For each tour a maximum of 8 persons (guide excluded) can be accepted. The organizer reserves the right to delete any tour that doesn’t achieve a minimum of 4 participants: in this case the client can choose between an alternative tour or the refund. To book a ride for more than 8 persons a personalized package must be requested, filling the form in the contacts page.

In what languages are the guided tour available?

Rideook provides expert touristic guides who are able to speak Italian, English and German.

Will be the tour deleted if it rains?

A tour can be deleted or stopped by Rideook because unfavourable conditions which could be dangerous for the participants, both because majeure forces or independent reasons to the will of the organizer. In this case, Rideook will provide an alternative tour without any variation in the established rate.
If the client doesn’t accept this variation, Rideook won’t be committed to refund.

Can the children participate to our tours?

The participation to the bike tour and the use of the electric bike provided by Rideook is allowed to adults who are older of 18 years, unless the minor is accompanied by a parent that would take on all the responsibilities in writing. Children can participate too, since Rideook provides child seats.