Paper mills

Culture tour

Toscolano Maderno

(4 hours)

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An itinerary in the history and the culture of Garda, experiencing witnesses of ancient artigianal activities and current agricultural occupations.

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This itinerary will allow you discover the history and culture of Alto Garda.
The tour starts from Gardone until Toscolano Maderno, the itinerary is suitable for every kind of family and cyclist.
The Valley of the paper mills started up thanks to its position on the shores of the river Toscolano which favoured the construction of several paper mills around the 400s.
The Valley represents one of the most interesting location in the area of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano and one of the most interesting archeological and industrial areas in Italy.
The tour is suitable for everyone and its departure is from the hotel Villa Maria at Toscolano Maderno. After we are out of Toscolano Maderno, we are going to start our rise towards the mount Navazzo, going through small hamlets and enjoying the amazing view on the Lake. In the middle of the tour, we are going to go down towards the Valley of Camerate, running around the torrent on easy dirt roads in the undergrowth reaching the Valley of the paper mills and having a guided tour. Today, the Valley is taken up by a rich vegetation which has replaced the places dedicated to the industrial activity, in this way you’re going to be overwhelmed by the green of the valley, bumping into steep slopes and ruins, enjoying a sight that will regenerate your spirit.