1. Object. Rideook provides an escort service for cycling touristic activities, in other words the service is about planned tours with bike renting.
  2. Booking and payment. The booking is considered completed upon payment of 100% of the price which can vary according to the chosen tour and the ancillary services. In a tour are required at least 4 persons. A tour can be deleted or stopped by Rideook because unfavourable conditions which could be dangerous for the participants, both because majeure forces or independent reasons to the will of the organizer. In this case, Rideook will provide an alternative tour without any variation in the established rate. If the client doesn’t accept this variation, Rideook won’t be committed to refund.
  3. Prices. The price of each tour is based on the duration of the itinerary, the tasks of the guide and the model of the e-bike.
  4. Refund. No refund will be acknowledged to the client who won’t show up at the meeting point at the established time, equally no refund will be owed to the client that quit the excursion for reasons attributed to him or her. The organizer has the right to cancel every tour that doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants. If the organizer cancels the tour, the client can choose between an alternative tour or the refund.
  5. Obligation and Responsibilities. Our tours are of easy feasibility but they present the pertinent risks of the cycling activity.From this perspectives, the client accepts the risks which come from the activity stating that he or she can ride a bike and he or she is in good health and able to participate to the chosen excursion. The use of the electric bike imply the physical fitness, the technical expertise necessary to ride the bike and the knowledge and the observance of the rules of the road traffic. Therefore, the client declares to have the adequate ability and competence, without placing any reservation. The participation to the bike tour and the use of the electric bike provided by Rideook is allowed to adults who are older of 18 years, unless the minor is accompanied by a parent that would take on all the responsibilities in writing. The parent will declare that, under his or hers exclusive responsibility, that the minor is physically and psychically able to ride the bike will take directly every responsibility for the damages to things or people that the minor could cause while riding the bike.
  6. Execution of the Bike-tour. The clients agrees to all the rules about the organization, the planning and the execution of the tour and commit to show up to the meeting point with the suitable sportswear and equipment according to the season and he or she will agree to take part in the activities conforming to the supervision of the organizer (the guide). Taking part in the Bike-tour organized by Rideook imply the mandatory use of the helmet which will be provided for free by the organization. The client accepts the risks of the cycling activity. The bike must be used only as a means of transport, with common sense and diligence. Competitions, reckless maneuvers and every kind of exhibitions are severely forbidden. The clients commit to travel according to the directions given by the guide. Rideook won’t be hold responsible for accidents originated by the impudence of a participant. Ridook reserves the right to change the itinerary of the tour or some of the services included in the planned tour. Every injury,damage or accident to things or persons happened while riding the bike is ascribable only to the rider and can’t be attributed to Rideook. Rideook won’t be hold responsible for damages caused by third parties and for the loss of values, luggages or things during the ride.
  7. Both the client and Rideook, at the moment of the delivery of the e-bike, will verify if the bike works. After the delivery of the bike, the client will acknowledge the bike as mechanically efficient and will declare to have it previously checked. Since that, the client will be committed to the payment for possible damages and total or partial thefts that will be spotted at the moment of the return of the bike, as reported in the underlying chart.
  8. Rideook Care. This insurance protects against accidental damages to the bike besides the damages caused by misuse, lack of knowledge or misunderstandings.
  9. Competent court. The court of Brescia will be in charge for whatever controversy arising out of this Regulation.
  10. Use of  images. By signing this regulation, Rideook is authorized to publish its images and videos for promotional purposes. This permission DOES NOT permit the use of images in contexts that affect their personal dignity and decoration and in any case for any use and / or purposes other than those indicated.


Price list chart for damages, losses and thefts

Rear derailleur € 250,00 Display € 75,00 Bike stand / luggage rack (each one) € 10,00
Fork € 125,00 Damaged battery from € 327,00 to € 490,00 Pedals / Lights (each one) € 15,00
Rim € 100,00 Control unit € 40,00 Handlebar € 15,00
Shifter € 30,00 Battery charger from € 80,00 to € 130,00 Stem € 15,00
Hydraulic brake € 180,00 Battery key € 30,00 Helmet € 50,00
Seat € 30,00 Seatpost € 15,00 Bicycle theft from €.2099,00

to € 2.899,00